The members of the Columbian Lawyers Association join us primarily to experience the warm collegiality of fellow attorneys who share a common heritage, ancestry, and love of things Italian: food, wine, and culture. Newcomers to our regular meetings and events, are welcomed like family, because the Columbian Lawyers Association is not a stuffy group of attorneys, but an Italian family.

If you are a law student, newly admitted attorney or just started practicing in Queens County, becoming an active member of the Columbian Lawyers Association is a great way to network in a convivial atmosphere. Our membership includes judges from all our courts, and practitioners with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Our association holds regular meetings on the third Tuesday of each month between September and June at various Italian restaurants in Queens County, New York. Our next event is TO BE DETERMINED. Non-members who join our Association at one of our regular meetings enjoy a substantial discount on the price of their dinner.

Feel free to contact us, or better yet, fill-out our membership application and join us!