About fifty years ago, a small group of lawyers of Italian heritage in Queens County were determined to form an association known as the Columbian Lawyers Association, Inc. Today there are other Columbian Lawyers Associations in New York State and other states and counties throughout the United States, but we are the oldest 'Columbian Lawyers' association in New York.

Our association, as the 'grandfather' organization was able to assist and guide many of the new groups in their formative years and they, in turn, have assisted other groups, so that today we continue to grow and progress. In fact, not too long ago, an umbrella group called the “Confederation of Columbian Lawyer’s Association” came into existence in the local New York metropolitan area, and is attended by various members and officers of the county “CLA’S.”

Our Association's By-Laws were adopted on February 11, 1954. The following individuals were our original charter members in 1949 when the Association's meetings took place at the “Marino Jeantet Restaurant” and “Tufaro’ s Restaurant” in Corona, Queens, New York: Stephen Burgio, Vincent Buscemi, Philip Chetta, Charles DiGangi, Andrew DiPaola, William Donnino, Sylvester Garamela, Frank Guarino, William Guma, Charles lovali, Louis D. Laurino, Anthony Livoti, Frank Livoti, Joseph Modugno, Joseph I. Perrini, Vincent Pitaro and Joseph Traficanti.

Special thanks to Hon. Joseph Dorsa and Hon. Phillip Chetta (retired) of Supreme Court, Queens County and to our retired Surrogate, Hon. Louis Laurino for authentication of the aforesaid information.

Joseph A. Salvo, Historian